Ranching Opportunity- Gulf Islands

Unique Full Time Position Available- Gulf Islands


Students graduating from Applied Sustainable Ranching Program or qualified applicants

More Details: 

Family run and owned beef and sheep farm on Prevost Island,  6 miles from the town of  Ganges on Salt Spring Island, by boat.


Our family has owned the farm since 1925. We urgently need a full-time employee who would be here year-round but even a student coming for the summer would be a big help, so we are open to any suggestions.

Prevost Island is not serviced by ferries or by B.C. Hydro, so travel is by boat  and we do nearly all our business in the town of Ganges, which is a 20 minute boat trip away.  We have solar power backed up by generators. Freight must come in by boat or barge, and once a year we have a big barge come which carries trucks bringing fertilizer, grain, fuel, and other freight in, and taking calves and cull cows out. We sell lambs to private customers, and have to ship the lambs out on a smaller barge and have them then trucked to the slaughterhouse. We grow all the hay needed for winter feed, so haying is a big job in June and early July. Other work includes cutting firewood, ploughing and reseeding pastures and hayfields, fencing, building maintenance, machinery maintenance and repairs, winter feeding of livestock, lambing, calving, and helping to run a portable sawmill.

Accommodation and transportation are provided. We are registered as employers with the CRA and make the required wage deductions as well as providing Worksafe B.C. coverage.

It is important that the employee have some knowledge of farm machinery and its safe operation and maintenance. Experience with livestock is a great help, but we are able to train someone in livestock handling. The employee should have a genuine interest in living in this situation, have a positive outlook, common sense, and a sense of humour and adventure! This is a job in which the living expenses are low, so  a young person could easily save quite a bit of the pay cheque and still live comfortably. The time off is usually flexible except for haying season.

For more information and to apply contact: Barbara de Burgh at barbaradeburgh@gmail.com



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