Latest Adventures of the Ranching Program- Melamen/Medicinal Plants

Cecelia managed to find one ripe berry!

Now in our second cohort, students got the opportunity to meet our local elder Cecelia De Rose who instructs us in traditional plant uses. Cecilia is a member of Esketemc First Nation and a long-time Secwepemcstin language teacher. Cecilia is an Elder advisor to our Applied Sustainable Ranching program for our Medicinal Plants module.

Our first and second cohort of students can also testify that Cecelia is also an expert “Indian Ice Cream” maker and Medicinal Plant Guide.  She also has a fantastic sense of humour and she KNOWS A LOT about many things.

Soopolallie/Soapberries or sometimes known as Buffalo Berries- made into “Indian Ice-Cream”

Last week we had the delight to have her in the classroom teaching students how to make Indian Ice-cream out of Soopolallie/Soapberries or sometimes known as Buffalo Berries.

Cecelia teaches Ranching Students about Medicines

Cecelia gave a presentation in class about the medicines in our area and brought examples of each to show students.

After lunch students and guests went on a Plant ID Walk close to Williams Lake. This year Cecelia points out, the soap berries are late- they weren’t ripe yet.

But we did manage to find and identify many other plants! Full Photo album here.

It is important for ranchers and students to understand the role of certain medicinal and food crops that are indigenous to the area and to create a relationship with these plants and understand their importance in the eco system and their roles in traditional indigenous life.

Cecelia was the perfect guide and we can’t wait to for next year’s plant walk!

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