Update on TRU Ranching Program: Sept 2018

Sept 2018 Update on TRU Ranching Program

Courses Running This Fall

The third cohort of students began orientation week (ASUR 1010) on August 27-31.  Thanks to all those producers (14 in total) who hosted the student field trips and/or took part in the classroom welcoming session.   ASUR 1040 (Applied Skills and Diversification) is now running from Sept 4-Nov 25.  The only second year course that will be offered this fall will be ASUR 2020 (Sheep Production)  from Oct 15-Nov 25.

Laddering and Dual Credit Program

Olds College – ASUR Graduates can ladder into third year of their Applied Agribusiness Degree

TRU Kamloops – ASUR Graduates – ladder into Natural Resource Science program (36 credits)

  • Ladder into Bachelor of Business Administration (27 credits)

Dual Credit program has now been developed for TRU Ranching program with School District #27 – students in grade 12 can take the ASUR 1020 course and obtain credits for both high school graduation and the course work in the ASUR program.  Thanks to Dave Corbett at SD #27 for his work on this.  For more information call Dave at: 250 398 3823

Host Ranches

At the moment there are 9 students on host ranches and there are currently 15 host ranches in total that will take students on at different times of the year.  This fall the coordinator, with input from the students, the host ranches and Reg Stewart from Ag Safe, will be formalizing the host ranch agreements and learning competencies for work based training.  This is to ensure that the students can have their applied skills competencies checked off by the host ranches as they progress through the work based training portion of the program.

If you are interested in being a host ranch, please contact Gillian Watt at 250 319 2367.

Upcoming Highlights

Sept 25-27 Curt Pate Stockmanship Clinic at WL Stampede Grounds – BC Livestock Co-op, Vanderhoof will be co-hosting this clinic and will be sending staff down to participate.  Thanks to the WL Stampede Association and Zoetis for helping to sponsor this event.

Sept 29 – Beef and Beer Grad Celebration and First Annual Bull Pen presentations where graduating students will pitch their business plans to a panel of industry experts who will provide feedback.  Everyone is welcome to attend this event.

Bull Pen – 1:30 pm start

Beef and Beer Tasting Celebration – 5:00 start



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